You may feel like a part of you was lost but we have many wonderful choices of breast forms, bras, and swimwear that can help make you feel whole again. Not only can you choose from products that are comfortable, feminine, as well as stylish. You can also show your own flare because there are so many different things and colors to choose from, you don’t have to fit in a mold or try to conform to someone you are not. At A Woman’s Place we are about you, you the individual, with your own spirit and story; we want to support you in your Journey.



As a breast cancer survivor myself, I welcome you. Here is the opportunity to find yourself again, whether you are looking a mirror or look at your heart; we are here to help you find you and feel whole again. Through our years of experience we have come to not only understand the emotional toll that any type of cancer places on a person, but we are also here to help you know you are not alone. One of our main goals is to lift your spirits, and to help you feel like you again so that you walk proudly and full of self-confidence. Few people fully realize the emotional trauma following a surgery and the side effects of radiation and/or chemotherapy.