Breast Forms

After breast surgery women want to feel like themselves again. At A Woman’s Place we strive to do just that. We take time to discover your individual needs and get you a form that works with your body.

Sometimes a full prosthesis isn’t needed. A balancer may be the answer to a proper fit to regain symmetry after a lumpectomy, reconstruction, multiple biopsies, and other types of surgeries. Balancers come in various size, shape and even thickness.

There are Leisure forms that are great for post-surgical and leisure wear. Comes with or without a minimal weighted core. Many styles and sizes in stock. They are light on your chest cavity wall and don’t pull on the skin.

Leisure Breast Form

Traditional breast forms are also available in various size, shape, thickness, color, and weight. Attachable breast forms may offer more freedom in clothing choices. Ultra-light weight forms may relieve pain and discomfort. Our climate control forms help to regulate body temperature and keep you cooler at times when you experience heat or increased perspiration resulting from exercise, warmer climates, hot flashes, menopause and/or hormone suppression therapy.

Comfort Plus cooling

Attachable prosthesis

Achieving a symmetrical appearance after breast surgery can be challenging. Having a custom made form may be the solution. A perfect fit for you and only you, after mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction. Custom molded to fit each individual, Radiant Impressions, offers choices that may not be available with standard breast forms.