Insurance F.A.Q.

The List of Insurances we take:

-Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO & HMO)

-United Health Care



If you have a specific question about your insurance please give us a call.



1. Will my health insurance cover my post-mastectomy products?

Blue Cross Blue Shield (HMO) are entitled to a breast form every 2 years, unless there is a change in weight that can be documented. Up to 4 bras per year, when you come for your appointment you need to bring your referral from your doctor.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO) are entitled to a custom made breast form or a pre-made breast prosthesis one per year. 4-6 bras per year, swim-forms, compression sleeves, and some plans also include cranial prosthesis (ie. Wigs)

Other insurances you can get a breast form every 2 years, and bras every year. They also will pay for compression sleeves.

2. What is a breast prosthesis?

A breast prosthesis is a silicone filled breast shaped form that is worn in the pocket of a mastectomy bra. Breast prosthesis come in many shapes and sizes.


3. What is a breast form?

A breast form is a breast shaped fiber-filled form made from a material other than silicone. It can be made from fabric, foam, or a fiber fill type of material.


4. Should I purchase a post-surgical camisole for use immediately after my surgery?

No, you should purchase one before surgery so that you will have it for use. Post-surgical camisoles can make your after-care process a more comfortable experience. The camisole comes with drain pouches, so you won’t have to pin the drain bulbs to your clothing. The drain pouches are removable. A comfortable non-weighted breast puff is also included and can be inserted in the breast pocket to give a more symmetrical look. It also helps you feel like you’re still wearing a bra.


5. When should I be fit for my breast prosthesis?

Usually, we recommend 4-6 weeks after surgery. However, it may be longer with some women. A doctor’s prescription is necessary. Don’t worry, if you come into our store without a doctor’s prescription, We can always contact your doctor for you.


6. How soon can I wear a breast form?

You can wear what is called a leisure form one week after surgery because they are lightweight and soft. However a full breast form, while it is also lightweight and soft, they should not be worn until 4-6 weeks after surgery or when your doctor releases you.


7. Should I wear a prosthesis?

We highly recommend wearing a breast prosthesis if you had a unilateral mastectomy (one side removed). Not only does the prosthesis give you a symmetrical look, but it also keeps you balanced. Bilateral mastectomy (both breast removed) customers don’t necessarily have to, but we do recommend wearing lightweight breast prosthetic.


8. Is A Woman’s Place only for breast cancer survivors?

No, we offer full supported bras as well. Eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra for a number of different reasons. When you come in for bra fitting, you not only leave with a proper fitting bra, but we will show you what to look for when purchasing bras on your own.